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If you use the daycare centre, what Pokemon do you usually dump in there?

Magikarp or Abra.The first for evolution,the second because I can need it anytime and I can't carry it around as I did with Drowzee(Drowzee and Abra,level 9 and 12 beat Agatha's Haunter *So,Abra got thunder wave and Drowzee got Hypnosis and Dream eater + than her first attack missed*)


Magikarp...err...MagiKRAP...I bet most people will say that... -Krystle

I used to have metapod, until it was level 21 or so...until I found out that evolved into butterfree at level 10...ugh. -Jennel

I usually put Magikarp in there. Unless he's level 15, I would not bring him out. I seriously do not like the idea of catching a Level 5 Magikarp, and trying to raise it all the way to level 15 without an attack that actually does damage! People say Splash is the most powerful move, because it makes the opponent laugh to death, but I seriously do not think that that's true. Since Pokemon do get lesser stats in the Daycare Center, I just put Magikarp in there till Level 15, until he learns Tackle. Then I start training, and wait for the magic to happen. And I still don't get it! How can a weakling like Magikarp evolve into that tyrannical Gyarados?! Hmm... another one of life's greatest mysteries... -Vaporeon

I always dump my Magikarp and Dratini in there. They are so annoying to raise. Magikarp has the formidable splash attack, and Dratini is just plain weak until level 30. That reminds me of my first battle/win against the Elite Four. I had my level 50-something Charizard, level 50 Zapdos, level 50 Articuno, level 23 Dratini, level 26 Haunter, and level 30 Hitmonlee. I still don't know how I won that. Those last 3 were the best I could get. All my other ones would have lost horribly to the Elite Four. Now, that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject, now did it? Oh, well. I am cursed to ramble about useless things forever.

-Sasilor P-chan

I often leave pokemon that seem to need a lot of experience naturally such as the Pidgey evolution group. Then walk around the Pokemon World a lot.

I have to say weedle and caterpie. Uggh, hate bug pokemon(please don't hurt me!)(Uggh, I can't spell uggh). -Miato

I never put pokemon in the daycare center, it wastes money and it isn't useful becouse he doesn't make 'em evolve. -Cyclone49

I've used it once, for one pokemon; a Magikarp. It was raised a level, then I took it out. Too slow, and it costs too much... I wanted to put in my Oddish, but I'd already taught it CUT. -Rb

All my pitiful weaklings who need to get level ups, for further reasons. Like Magikarp, to evolve into Gyrados, although I have found out that Gyrados isn't superiorly (is that even a word? I doubt it -_-;) as good as they say... mine was kind of weak. I don't even bother w/ those L3 Jigglypuffs I catch, I don't need them for anything else, basically. ^_^. So I only drop off Pokémon that may be of usage to me in the future. Like for instance, I dropped off my Abra there, to at least learn another attack besides that annoying Teleport, and it did. So it comes in handy, sometimes. ^_^.


I usualy just dump my pidgeotto (which never evolves v_v;;;) and then i'll usualy find another pidgeotto (which is even higher! ^_~) so then when i do go back for the bird..it's only like grown a freakin like 10 levels..and hasen't evolved!

I've got really strong Pokemon nowadays, but when I was first starting and got there in the Red version, I always gave the guy my Bulbasaur. ^.^ Don't ask me why I took that stupid thing in the first place! The instruction manual recommended it, so I grabbed it! Besides, I always used my Nidoking instead of Bulbasaur. You know, I've always wondered...when you beat the Elite Four without your starting Pokemon and meet Professor Oak and he says, "You've grown up so much when you've first left with BULBASAUR/CHARMANDER/SQUIRTLE," am I the only one that thinks to myself, "What do you mean, bald boy? I don't even have that stupid Pokemon with me! It's been in the PC for years! Shouldn't you be saying, "You've grown up so much since you first started your Pokemon journey?" Congratulate me, not the stupid starting Pokemon! ME!!!"

I would usually dump a Magikarp in there because there is no use training it,all you need to do is leave it in there until it's at L.19 and then give it a rare candy and ,instant Gyrados. -Kanga-Fetch'd

The legendary birds - scratch Articuno. My only useful one...^_^ I left my Mew there once...hahaha. And then my Mewtwo. I hate that daycare man so much. Where does he get joy in his freakish life?! ^_^;; Oh, maybe he gets that from babysitting pokemon... ^_^
I have my Snorlax there now...*checks her gameboy* Still there, eh fatboy? ^_^
Oh dear...last time I said I had a hard time catching Meowth in pokemon yellow. There IS no Meowth in yellow version. *everyone laughs at her*

The Pokémon I usually dump in Daycare is a Magikarp, or maybe a Weedle or Nidoran. I don't do it much because I always forget them in there and end up with a Level 36 Magikarp. Charming. And what a tackle on that thing! It might even be strong enough to faint another Magikarp! -Bulbasaur

~Usually, I'll put my magikarp in there. I mean, really, its pretty useless until it becomes a Gyarados. If I don't have a magikarp, I'll put in my Zubat because, I only use it if it knows supersonic. Magikarp only knows splash when u first get it. If it learns tackle while its in the centre, then I guess it would have SOME use to it. ^_^ -Delirah

Well, when I'm at that early stage in the game where I can access the centre, I don't have very many Pokemon that I care about... I guess I usually leave a Paras or a Zubat, which is pretty stupid since their evolved forms are easy to get, but... anyway, I just leave them in there for the sake of it, I don't use the ones I have there.


If you could see a spinoff show about any non-Ash character, who would it be, and what would sort of thing would you like to see shown?

The Brock Springer show.We can see girls smashed by chairs/pokémons/whatever for having Brock as their guy... -Paras13

i think gary, because he's barely shown. I'd like to see more of his pokémon and also see a battle with Ash some time =Ţ -Jannel

Definately James. I think James had a complicated past, with his Victreebel (did he raise it himself ? I don't think so...) and his Growlithe (watch that Flamethrower!). He was so cute when he was young too! ^_^ And I would also like to know why James' parents consented to him getting his hair dyed blue. Didn't they know that hair dyeing could cause cancer?! Anyway, James has to dig deeper into his past. -Vaporeon

It would probably be about Brock after he leaves the gang because it would be interesting to know all about what he did after he left.

Misty really needs a spin off show, maybe about magic and prophecys and evil socerers(I think I've been watching too much magic knight Rayearth). If not Misty then def. team rocket, James is just to cool(and so much more) not to have his own show and I love any character that owns a paper fan/mallet/etc. As for the plot (james doesn't need one, but) I like all those team rocket fics out there all ready like "team rocket reunited" by musashi or all those fun "team rocket two" stories by I forget who(I think it was pika-chan and kal something, oh well, they were fun)


I would probably like to see a show about Mikey, the Eevee trainer. -Cyclone49

NURSE JOY! Think of the ratings! HAH! Really, it'd have to be Gary. On his own pokemon journey. -Rb

Hands down, Team Rocket wins! ^_^. It's so sad how their plans get foiled almost every time... and the spin-off might show how they first got together, and how it all came to what it was during the present time of the anime currently. Just James is fine, too. ^_^. Or even Gary, along with his new conquest, like Ash in his second season. Or even Brock, but that's another story... ^_^;


Hmm..either the rockets (^_^ who dosen't love the rockets?)..or richie..cause richie h as at least SOME brains..unlike ash..which I wont even GO there!

I would like to see a show about Gary and his adventures as a pokemon trainer.I would like to see Gary's pokemon and see if he's in any way like Ash when he trains them(let's hope not).I would DEFINATLY want to know if Gary came in contact with any of the characters of the day that Ash came in contact with and see how he reacted to them(Like if he meets Richy and decides that he's not a good trainer because he doesn't evolve most of his pokemon,or he meets Damien and they become best friends or something like that). -Kanga-Fetch'd

CASSIDY AND BUTCH! CASSIDY AND BUCTH! I don't no why more people don't like them! I think they should be shown doing something interesting and productive, not walking around in a forest...*cough*Ash-tachi*cough*. Or dear, I'm running off course. Don't get me wrong, I love Jessie and James too, but wow! What characters! Or Giselle, she's so pretty, cool, - and a definate plus - has a Cubone! "Bone!" Hahaha! DIE, PIKACHU-CHAN! ^_^;; Giselle should go to the pokemon league, whip Pikachu's sorry electric butt, become Pokemon League Champion, and graduate from Pokemon Tech... -- Sailor

~Probably I'd like to see one of Misty. They didn't give too much background on her. Its like they just threw Misty in there saying only that she is an ex-gym leader and that her sisters are the Sensational Cerulean Sisters. They don't really say anything bout her parents or anything like that; whereas Brock, they mentioned Flint and that Brock's mother had passed away. Misty is slightly overlooked when its time to give a history. -Delirah

If I could see a spinoff of any of them, I'd like to see one of Brock. I mean, he's just so funny. I can just see it. I can imagine that how horrible that Nurse Joy on Vallencia Island feels. She's stuck with him until Ash & Misty come to rescue her from his clutches.

Either that or James. I can see it now, they'd call it "The EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHEEEEEEE Show"

-Chuey the Raichu

A show on any peripheral character who looks like they might have a kinda interesting life. Damien travels, and has quite a few Pokemon. He's thought to be mean, but episodes on him could be interesting. -Leto


If you were a gym leader, what would your badge be, what what type of Pokemon would you have?

I'm mostly a bug trainer...so,the Stinger badge?Web badge?... -Paras13

If I was a gym leader, I would have all these powerful pokémon, such as Mewtwo and the legendary birds, and hence the name of my badge, the PowerBadge. -Krystle

I'd be myself, but kind of sabrina-like and agatha like, since I like to scare people with my high-special stat alakazam =Ţ my badge would be a symbol of a crescent moon, I guess, and with psychic and poison pokemon. my current team is a Jynx, alakazam, venomoth, and...that's it =Ţ -Jannel

Well, if I were a gym leader, I'd have my own badge, and it would be the Bugbadge. (Very original, huh? :::::::sweatdrops::::::::::) The type would be bug. (Of course it would...) And this isn't required, but the star lineup would be Butterfree, Beedrill, Venomoth Syther and Pincer. All star team, eh? ::::::::sweatdrops:::::::::: Or maybe it would be the Flamethrowerbadge. The type would be fire (My fav!) and the star lineup would be Rapidash, Ninetails, Arcanine, Charizard and Magmar. Or better yet...... Er, I think that's enough, don't you? :::::::::::burns up the bug idea::::::::::

~Vulpix (Trainer)

Ok, if I were a gym leader,I would use bug pokemon. No, not the wimpy kind like Caterpie and Weedle, their fully evolved forms like Beedrill and Butterfree. Also Venonat,Paras,their evolutions,etc. The badge I'd give out would be the InsectoidBadge or the Bugbadge? ^_^; - Amethyst123

If I were a Gym Leader, I'd choose an Ice-and-Water Gym. I would use err... Water types like Starmie, Lapras, Vaporeon and Cloyster. Kinda like Lorelei though... I'd make sure the Gym was built on a block of ice in the middle of the sea. And the badge I would give...tough question...a block of ice?No, maybe not. The Swirlbadge perhaps. -Vaporeon

I would have the Flaming Moron Badge of the Middle of Nowhere Gym! ^_^. Ok, just kidding. I saw that on another page and just had to say it. I would *really* have a badge called the Whitebadge, going along with the color named badges in the original. And it's white because I would train normal type Pokemon. The Pokemon I would have are: Porygon; Persian; Dodrio; Lickitung; Wigglytuff; and a Vaporeon. Porygon would be my most powerful and the others fairly close to each other. I would have a Vaporeon beacause I'm a smart Gym Leader. Normal types are bad against rock and awful against ghost, but water is good against rock and average against ghost, so it rounds out the team. I really don't know *where* the gym would be.

-Sailor P-chan

I would definitely be a flying type gym leader with my badge called the wing badge. My pokemon would be Fearow, Pidgeot, Farfetch'd, Scyther, Articuno, and Moltres.

If I were a gym leader my badge would be the super-cool-hard-to-obtain-evil-but keen-black-psychotic-charcoal-inferno-demon badge, or something along those lines. Well, of course, I'd use demon pokemon because there just oh-so-spiffy-keen-and-neat(oh keen! this hyfen button is fun)(I think I've had to much coke to day). -Miato

I would probably have Normal types and my badge would be the Eevee badge. The reason I'd choose normal types is becouse they can learn fire, grass, psychic, electric, water and tonnes of other moves. -Cyclone49

I'd give out the...Skybadge...for my flying pokemon. Pidgeot, Fearow, and Dodrio, my favorite bird-brained pokemon. The legendary birds stink...*ahem* -Rb

If I was a Gym Leader I would have a Badge called the Moon Badge. I would train pokemon that evolve with the moon stone such as Wigglytuff, Clefable, and Nidorina. ----BanditRapidash

Aw, Koga took poison. Hmm... my badge would be either be ghost or flying Pokémon as my "specialty." For flying? It would be maybe the Wingbadge, or the Featherbadge. (>gets hit by tomatoes< Okay, yes, they are a little skimpy... okay, A LOT... ^_^;) For ghost? Uh... no clue. -_-;;

But I think I'm going to go with flying. ^_-. I have a more fondness for them, seeing as I like the evolutions of Pidgey. Oh! And I just realized that the three legendary birds are classified as flying as well as their other element. Ooh, an extra bonus. Hehe. ^^;


Maybe like flying type,dragon type,or devil type (a new type in g/s). And for the badges the bird gym would have ,like, the wing badge. The dragon type would have the dragon badge and for the devil type..maybe like the firey badge or the rage badge. ^_^;;;;;;

Oh let me think... Ah! I would have the Platinum Badge! I would have a Mew ( my absolute favorite!), a Marril jus' 'cos its a cutie, and Mewtwo for no particular reason other than he's pretty strong. - Mew151

As a gym leader, my badge would be called the "Middle" badge. It would be a circle, half white, half dark. The actual gym would be riverside, in a quiet place like Bill's cottage. The walls would be white and black, with the white sides facing each other, the black likewise. Inside, there would be a normal Pokemon battle ground, with the colors and lines alternating white and black, so that if the place where the person stands is black the line surrounding it would be white. The center would look like the badge, only larger.
I would train only normal-type Pokemon, (e.g. Meowth, Porygon, Tauros, etc) and teach them different types of attacks, so giving them an advantage over some, but not with the price of a weakness to another type.
For extreme emergencies (like A.J.) I would use my trusty Missingno: He can change elements at the raise of a level! True, he wouldn't be normal type, but he's not a permanent element either! I would write more but that's all the question asks for.

I would have a badge called the Super-duper badge,and it would look like a charizad and it's prey.(You choose what the prey is).

I would have a Blizzard Badge at my gym. I would also tote around ice and water Pokemon like Articuno and Dragonair!!! I would include Blastiose and Omastar so I could squish Pikachu! Say Pika! if you think another Pokemon should have a turn as the flagship Pokemon!!! I would also join Ash's group and be the rhetorical humorous and quiet but really smart guy. I'd also win battles he couldn't and be really annoying (plus I wouldn't leave like Tod did...)!!! I'd also tote around a murasame and show off my skills all the time. That would be awsome to be gym leader.

-Liege the future gym leader

If I were a gym leader I would train the new Evil type of Pokemon,and my badge would be the Skull Badge. -Kanga-Fetch'd

Personally, my Badge would be the Hyper Badge, and all my PokČmon would be Speed PokČmon. (yeah, I know that isn't a type, but what I mean is Scyther, Pikachu, Raichu, Pidgeotto, Dragonite, Hitmonlee, all PokČmon that are typically fast.) -TurboSonic

I'd like ground...just to see little Pikachu wither away in front of my eyes... ^_^;;
Or, since Giovanni already took that, I guess bug. All Beedrill...nah. Oooh, I'd do fairy! *bats her eyelashes* Clefairy is so cute! ^_^;; And Jigglypuff...Wigglytuff...Clefable...are there any more....oh, darn. Cept for that new one, which looks like an overgrown pink balloon... For the badge...eh...The Cutesy-Wutesy-Fairy-Badge?! ^_^ Or just the Fairy badge. I could team up with Lass! YEAH! (I'm still convined that girl Richie lost to was a Lass who disguised herself to get into the pokemon league!! O.O)
-- Sailor

OK, first of all, my badge would be a blue star with green streaks through it and wings in the back. Why you ask? Because my gym would be for flying Pokemon. Now, your also probably wondering why that color design? Come on people, don't you think it would look cool?


If I were a gym leader, I think I'd want to be a fire pokemon trainer; specifically ponytas. I have an interest in horses, so it would only be natural for me to have horse pokemon. I think that the badge I'd have would be called the Horse Shoe Badge. Hmmm.. I dunno that sounds a bit cheesy, but I don't know what else i could call it. Perhaps, a Saddle Badge? ^_^ -Delirah

I love flying Pokemon... I'd have flying/normal types, using Doduo, Fearow and Farfetch'd. My badge would be the Featherbadge, I guess. ^_^.

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